Our solar core

At its heart, Bia Power develops and constructs ground-mounted solar farms in the UK.

Our solar projects will help to reduce carbon emissions in the UK, contribute towards meeting the UK’s renewable energy targets and help meet the increased demand in electricity from transport (electric vehicles) and heating (as the UK moves away from gas central heating).

Attractive investment

Whilst the UK isn’t blessed with clear blue skies 365 days a year, this is not a barrier to investment and development.

Developments in solar PV technology are giving rise to new opportunities for solar to be located across the UK, often co-located with energy storage.

In recent years, with the advances in solar PV technology, we have seen an increase in the effectiveness of solar panels to double, or even triple, the electrical output of solar power systems. Costs have also fallen making the initial outlay lower. These factors combined mean that solar PV is an attractive, long-term investment opportunity.

Strong outlook

Solar PV is a UK success story and is a key part of the UK Government’s strategy for low cost decarbonisation of the energy sector.

It’s been estimated by the UK’s Energy Systems Catapult that the country will need as much as 80GW of solar power (and 90GW of wind energy) to meet the Government’s 2050 Net Zero emissions target. The Energy Systems Catapult was set up by the UK Government to help speed up the UK’s clean energy transition.