The powerful force of Solar and Energy Storage

In Greek mythology, Bia is the goddess of force and raw power. Inspired by her story, we created Bia Power, a private equity fund that allows investors to make profits from investing in clean energy projects in the UK, which in turn will accelerate the growth of the UK’s green economy and achieve the UK’s Net Zero goal.

At Bia Power, our primary focus is:

  • to invest in solar projects that will generate clean green renewable electricity to meet the extra demand for electricity which will come from electric vehicles and heating, and which alongside more wind power capacity, will replace coal and gas-fired power generation.
  • to invest in battery storage projects to provide balancing services to the National Grid, enabling it to become more efficient. In addition, more battery storage will facilitate a faster roll-out of electric vehicles.


We would also invest in onshore wind projects in the UK, if the right opportunity arises.

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Working in Partnership

By working with our investors and developers, our plan is to address the challenge of Net Zero and build a cleaner, more flexible and decentralised energy system in this country.

The team at Bia Power has worked in the UK renewable energy industry for 20 years, developing onshore wind projects in England and energy storage projects in Scotland. Given this background in clean energy development, our in-depth industry knowledge and technical expertise, and our financial success, we want to help project developers succeed in the space.

Interested in obtaining development finance for your clean energy project, please email

Bia Power works with a number of corporate finance firms to provide Bia with a range of services, including financial modelling, funding and deal execution.

Arc Associates:

Jones Lang LaSalle:

Ager Capital:

Bia Power also works with a range of professional firms in the areas of grid and environmental assessments, project management, project design and land agreements.