Bia was a Greek goddess personifying force and power. Her father, Pallas, was the Titan of battle, while her mother, Styx, was the goddess of the River Styx. Bia had three siblings: Kratos, the god of strength, Nike, the goddess of victory, and Zelos, the god of zeal.

Along with their mother, Bia and her siblings helped Zeus in his war against the Titans. The warlasted for ten yearswith the Olympian gods emerging victorious. Due to their heroic actions during the war, the four siblings won Zeus’s respect and became his constant companions. They were almost always by his side as he sat on his throne in Mount Olympus, and they were tasked with enforcing Zeus’s orders whenever he required an act of strength.

Bia is not as well-known as her siblings Kratos or Nike, and when she appears in myths, she’s usually silent. However, she does play a pivotal role in the story of Prometheus.

Prometheus was one of the Titans and was often in conflict with Zeus. Eventually, he angered Zeus so much that Zeus decided to punish him for all of eternity. He ordered that Prometheus be chained to a rock in the Caucasus Mountains. Bia and her brother, Kratos, were sent to carry out this task, but Bia was the only one strong enough to actually bind Prometheus to the rock with the unbreakable chains. Each day, an eagle would pluck out Prometheus’s liver and eat it in front of him. Each night his liver would regrow, and the cycle would begin again, leaving him in perpetual torment.